Matcha Latte

Oat Milk

This 3-ingredient vegan Oat Milk Matcha Latte is simple, tasty, and the perfect start to your day!

Let’s get started!


- hot water (not boiling!) - good quality matcha  - oat milk (or any other plant-based milk) - agave syrup (or sweetener of choice)

Tips for the perfect latte

– For the best latte, use a milk frother for the oat milk. If you don't have a matcha whisk, you can also place all ingredients in a milk frother (matcha, milk, water, and sweetener) and mix them together. – Use your favourite plant-based milk - this latte does not necessarily require oat milk. Oat milk happens to have a neutral-flavor and similar consistency to dairy milk, making it a great alternative for lattes.

For more tips

Tips for the perfect latte

– Use your desired sweetener. If making this vegan, make sure to use a vegan-friendly sweetener. – Use good quality matcha. Ceremonial-grade matcha is best, but it is also quite pricey, so look for high-quality matcha that suits your budget. – Adjust sweetener and matcha amount as desired to suit your taste. – If you want to amp up the flavour, stir in ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract.